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News | May 20, 2024

BioMADE's 2024 Member Meeting Sessions Announced


Register now to attend BioMADE’s 2024 Member Meeting on May 29-31 in Minneapolis, MN. We are thrilled to be bringing everyone together in person and look forward to engaging with our members and the U.S. Government at this interactive, informative event! Read on for the full at-a-glance agenda.

Hear from Industry Experts

The Proof is in the Pudding: Steps Towards Derisking Scaling and Commercialization
The path a new product takes out of the valley of death is often marked by some key inflection points. These inflection points are seen by investors see as milestones of de-risking the new product or process. Members will share insights about what to be prepared for as your company works to scale and commercialize. Hear from a range of viewpoints and experience, from large industry to smaller start-up companies, on topics such as the process to deliver the first kilogram of a product, transferring technologies to a CMO, and testing and evaluation. 

Creating the Next Generation Workforce
Attend this session to learn how BioMADE’s Education and Workforce Development programs are building the next generation workforce for bioindustrial manufacturing. Hear success stories from high school and college programs, and learn about new programs that BioMADE is launching. These programs are providing resources to support transitioning servicemen and women to enter the bioindustrial manufacturing field, providing biotechnology professional development for community college teachers, and partnering with Tribal Colleges and Universities to reach underserved audiences. Attendees will leave feeling inspired about the future of the workforce and with a better understanding of how their companies can connect to and inform BioMADE’s EWD programming.  

Don't Save the Best for Last: Lessons Learned from Starting Downstream Processing Too Late
Even the best titers, rates, and yields from a fermentation process are no good if you can’t recover your product during downstream processing. Despite this necessity, developers spend relatively less time on downstream process development compared to upstream development. Hear from experts at bioindustrial manufacturing pilot facilities about why getting started with downstream processing process development is challenging, what to plan for, and tips and tricks as you get started. 

Building a Better Bioreactor
This session will introduce members to the latest developments in bioreactor innovation. Attendees will learn about new reactor technology including using a Taylor Vortex Reactor as a bioreactor and an in-situ separator, using machine learning to control bioreactors, the use of internal and external settlers for in situ separation of an oil overlay and the building of compartment models for bubble column scale up for complex fermentations.  Attendees will also learn about advances in sensing technologies like fluorescence to measure reactor performance and in-reactor wireless sensing technologies. Attendees will leave this session with a host of new ideas on how to think about the right reactor systems for complex fermentations and new ideas about how to measure and optimize performance of current reactors. 

Unit Operations in Biomanufacturing   
Bioindustrial manufacturing workflows incorporate diverse unit operations for feedstock processing, fermentation, downstream processing, and product formulation. Often there are alternative unit operations available for a single step with nuanced strengths and weaknesses that will influence their suitability. This session aims to educate a technical audience on the underlying mechanics, logistics, and “pro-tips” associated with specific unit operations. Expert presenters will cover both old and new unit operations and will gear talks towards decision-makers who are considering testing these unit operations in their companies’ workflows. Topics will include a brief mechanism of the physicochemical processes that underlie the unit operation, strengths and weaknesses, practical ways to test, and more. 

You Can't Spell Successes Without 4Ss: Why You Need to Care About Safety, Security, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility 
In this session you will hear about why you should be paying more attention to the non-technical aspects of bioindustrial manufacturing. Investments in and focus on the principles of Safety, Security, Sustainability and Social Responsibility can help companies to mitigate business risk while supporting long-term success in the bioindustrial manufacturing ecosystem. This session will include an overview of BioMADE members’ views on the 4S principles as well as a sketch of avenues to maximize societal benefit. Members will provide examples of the direct corporate benefits of these principles, including safety culture and protocols; the importance of public perception to companies in the biomanufacturing space; and how environmental sustainability can contribute to the bottom line.

Hear from Members

BioMADE Marketplace 
Featuring 10 of BioMADE's leading industry members, this session will highlight the breadth and diversity of bioindustrial manufactured products. Followed by dedicated networking time to learn more about anything that piqued your interest. Speakers announced soon!

Start-Up Showcase
Expanded this year to feature 20+ of BioMADE's start-up and small business members, this session will include lightning talks, samples, demos, and dedicated networking time. Speakers announced soon!

Happy Hour Poster Session
Stay after Wednesday's sessions to enjoy appetizers, beer and wine with fellow meeting attendees. Visit posters with updates on research, technologies, and products from 20 BioMADE members. 

New this year: BioMADE Boutique
This year’s event will feature BioMADE Boutique, a fun and interactive way to learn about all the innovative products our members are making. Stop by the Boutique to see apparel, food, materials, and other products made through bioindustrial manufacturing. 

First Flight: Quick Bites from Five of BioMADE’s First Completed Projects 
Projects from BioMADE’s first Project Call are now resulting in exciting findings, newly trained workforces, important technologies, and more. Attend this session to hear project outcomes from five recently completed projects. 

Hear from U.S. Government

What DoD Program Managers Wish You Knew
Get the inside scoop on DoD program management from BioMADE Government Program Manager Angela Campo. Get tips on writing a successful proposal, including writing a compelling narrative, creating a budget that meets DoD reporting requirements, understanding the evaluation process, and more. Learn about how to find out what the government needs and current DoD research that may apply to your interest areas. Hear about how DoD-funded projects occur through BioMADE as well as upcoming opportunities. Walk away more confident about working with the DoD.

What it Takes to Transition Your Product to DoD  
The session will focus on providing a practical guide on working with government stakeholders and discuss specifications, qualification process, funding opportunities and strategic partnering during technology development and maturation phases. 

How Industry and DoD can Work Together to Address Defense Needs
Panelists will share some of their success stories and lessons learned in using biotechnology to address DoD interests.  They will share how to work with a DoD Program Office to identify needs, translate requirements into science and technology development, and lessons learned for successful collaborations between DoD Laboratories and industry.

Hear from BioMADE Staff

Special Remarks
During opening and closing remarks, hear from BioMADE CEO Doug Friedman, special U.S. Government guests, and more.

Session: BioMADE’s Digital Initiatives for Bioindustrial Data Challenges  
BioMADE has identified major challenges in data utilization for bioindustrial manufacturing including a lack of standardization, easy-to-use tools for data visualization, and the ability to systematically search for suppliers. In this presentation, the BioMADE Data team will address these challenges as we share our vision for the Digital Backbone and a supply chain search and insights tool.

Staff Connection Opportunities 
BioMADE staff members will be available during lunch to answer questions about budgets, contracts, data, membership, and more. Stop by informally during lunch on either day to ask questions and connect with staff on the following topics: 

  • Data and Digital Initiatives 

  • BioMADE Membership Benefits

  • Member Portal and Proposal Submission

  • 4S Subcommittees

  • Contracts

  • Cost Share and Indirect Cost Rates