Joint Additive Manufacturing Working Group
DoD’s Vision for the Use of Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing enables a more agile, adaptable and aligned defense supply base to outpace adversarial threats.
The Joint Additive Manufacturing Working Group (JAMWG) is a cross-cutting DoD community focused on communication and coordination among the Services and Defense Agencies to maximize the application of additive manufacturing in support of the warfighter and sustainers.  Formalized in July 2017 and led by the OSD ManTech Program, this group consists of leaders from Military Services and Defense Agencies that engage across the Department and other Federal agencies, industry, and academia to reduce barriers to adoption of innovative AM technologies that benefit DoD and the warfighter.

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JAMWG Objectives
JAMWG Objectives
Manufacturing Partnerships
JAMWG engages with several DoD sponsored public-private partnerships to engage with industry, academia and other partners to gather input, share information and advance state of the art developments for AM. 
Stakeholder Councils
The JAMWG created several subgroups of subject matter experts each led by a cross-organizational team to work on common areas of interest:
  • Data and Model Sharing Stakeholder Council
  • Qualification and Certification Stakeholder Council
  • Education and Workforce Development Stakeholder Council
  • Cybersecurity Working Group

Impact and Outcomes