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The Department of the Air Force (DAF) ManTech Office is responsible for planning and executing programs that grow the nation’s defense industrial base in support of DAF weapon system development and sustainment requirements.  This ensures advanced manufacturing processes, techniques, systems, and equipment are available for timely, reliable, and economical acquisition, production, and systems repair.

The Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies Division (known as Air Force ManTech) is part of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate located at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) in Dayton, OH.  It primarily utilizes U.S. industry as its laboratory to meet the demanding, ever-evolving manufacturing technology needs of the warfighter.  The Division is comprised of three branches, designated the Functional Systems Manufacturing Branch, Structural Systems Manufacturing Branch and Digital Manufacturing and Supply Chain Branch.  The Division is led by Dr. Chuck Ormsby.
The Functional Systems Manufacturing Branch (AFRL/RXME) plans and executes manufacturing technology and Defense Production Act Title III programs to establish and maintain the domestic industrial capability necessary for affordable manufacture of materials, devices, assemblies and subsystems for use in DAF and DoD weapon systems by advancing the state of the art in electronics manufacturing technologies. The branch is led by Alan Albert with Jamie Hoff serving as Branch Technical Advisor.
The newest branch, the Digital Manufacturing and Supply Chain Branch (RXMD), focuses on advancing the state of the art in digital manufacturing technologies to include developing investment strategies in support of the same. This branch also execute the Industrial Base Assessment program that provides accurate and timely industrial base information to decision makers across the Department of the Air Force as well as serving as the Office of Primary Responsibility for management of the Defense Priorities and Allocation System for all Air Force weapon system programs. The Branch Chief is Rob Wittman with Dr. Bill Bernstein serving as the Branch Technical Advisor.
The Structural Systems Branch (RXMS) develops manufacturing technologies for structural and propulsion systems. Both branches will be responsible for developing investment strategies which addresses the interdisciplinary technology relationships of electronic design and engineering, materials and materials processing, fabrication, assembly, integration, test, and quality improvement. Ms. Nichole Taylor serves as Branch Chief while Bryan Bojanowski is the Branch Technical Advisor.
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Air Force Investment Portfolio Areas


Proposal Process

Closed Call Manufacturing Technology Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) posting in FY20 – topics of interest include composites consolidation, attritable system cost modeling, ceramic matrix composites, and virtual and augmented reality.


$43.1M (FY21); $45.3M (FY22)
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