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News | March 27, 2023

Manufacturing Science and Technology Program Leads Annual Program Management Training at Johnson Space Center

By OSD ManTech

Manufacturing Science and Technology Program Leads Annual Program Management Training at Johnson Space Center

On February 22, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering’s Manufacturing Science and Technology Program (MSTP) held its annual program management training at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. This year’s training provided MSTP-funded project team leads with critical updates and established the reporting requirements for project advancements for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023/FY 2024. Of the 27 currently funded projects within the MSTP portfolio, there are 8 new starts for FY 2023. The curriculum encompassed technical reporting, financials, timeline management, contracting, and communications engagement, and also included a question-and-answer forum.

In addition to providing clarity on DoD requirements and project management changes, the meeting served as an invaluable forum for open discussion and networking among project teams. Teams shared best practices and lessons learned, laying the groundwork for productive collaborations in the future. “Training can change from year to year and meeting annually provides the information and direction to teams to ensure success of projects,” said Ben Ewing, MSTP Senior Principal Manufacturing Engineer. “Meeting collectively [also] provides a connection point for future proposals and collaborations that would otherwise be unrealized due to the diversity of Service branch representation, contractor presence, or areas of expertise.”
As a venue, the Johnson Space Center created a fruitful environment for relationship-building with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the host organization. MSTP members were able to meet with center staff and tour the facilities while discussing possible collaboration between DoD and NASA on manufacturing issues of mutual interest, recounted Dr. Phillip Peters, MSTP Navy Program Support. “NASA is a potential transition partner for existing MSTP programs and, to the extent that NASA manufacturing issues are also of interest to DoD entities, future MSTP investments could be made in these areas,” said Dr. Peters.

MSTP leadership would like to thank Joel Sills, Chief Engineer, and Walt Ugalde, Economic Development Lead, of NASA/Johnson Space Center, as well as all of those involved in the tours for their support. After a hands-on education in the remarkable history of the center, all those in attendance were reminded that the spirit of innovation is never ending.

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