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June 30, 2022

DOD Accelerating Innovative Technologies, Enabling Manufacturing Workforce

DOD's Manufacturing Technology Program drives the advancement of critical manufacturing technologies that support national security and grows manufacturing ecosystems that underpin U.S. supply chains.

June 15, 2022

Congressional Action Can Help DOD Weather Microelectronics Supply Crunch 

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill can help the Defense Department make it through supply shortages for microchips and microelectronics both now and into the future, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen H. Hicks said.  

April 20, 2022

DOD aims to close gap in bringing U.S. tech innovation to market

With the U.S. currently responsible for only about 12% of global microelectronics production, the Defense Department-led "microelectronics commons" aims to close the gaps that prevent the best ideas in technology from reaching the market.

April 4, 2022

Pentagon's Top Industrial Base and Nuclear Defense Leader Tours Critical Materials Sites and Defense Labs

In support of the Defense Department's focus on increasing domestic production of critical materials, a senior DOD official visited key production sites and defense laboratories during a recent west coast trip.  

Dec. 6, 2021

DOD Must Act Early to Extract Much-Needed Tech From Nation's Industrial Base

America's technology companies make a lot of great products and DOD must get in early and let these companies know what it needs to secure what’s valuable to warfighters, a defense official said.

Nov. 24, 2021

Air Force Research Lab working to develop future workforce

Ensuring a steady supply of technical and scientific expertise for American industry and innovation has been a national priority since about 1957 when the Soviet Union launched its first Sputnik. Today, however, with the increasingly rapid pace of high technology, the need to attract young people to the field of advanced technical manufacturing has become even more critical. To meet that need, the Air Force Research Lab recently tasked NextFlex with finding ways to attract students who might not otherwise consider such a career path.

Nov. 9, 2021

DOD, with help from partners, on cusp of cutting-edge innovations

Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, bioengineering and other leap-ahead technologies were topics recently addressed by the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering.

July 29, 2021

DOD Promotes Additive Manufacturing Expansion, Standardization, Training Through New Policies, Collaboration

The Defense Department is harnessing the potential of 3D printing to help warfighters maintain technological overmatch against strategic competitors.

Feb. 12, 2021

DOD Partners With Underrepresented Youth on STEM Initiatives

The Defense Department Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute is partnering with the Capital Youth Empowerment Program to launch an advanced manufacturing education and workforce training outreach initiative.

Jan. 6, 2017

Embracing opportunity: additive technology for manufacturing

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – It’s a materials scientist’s dream, but as some experts say, an engineer’s nightmare. For scientists and engineers at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, additive manufacturing, also known as 3-D printing, can be a powerful tool for rapid innovation.Ultimately, it’s a