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News | May 22, 2024

MxD Announces Michael Tanji as Director of Cybersecurity: National Center for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

By MxD

MxD announced today that Michael Tanji was named director of MxD Cyber: The National Center for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing. Tanji will serve as senior director of cybersecurity for the full range of MxD’s cybersecurity projects and initiatives in support of the annual Strategic Investment Plan and will manage MxD’s Cyber Steering Committee

“Cybersecurity and awareness are paramount in the manufacturing sector, as the number-one attacked industry,” said MxD CEO, Berardino Baratta. “By investing in robust incident response measures and promoting cybersecurity awareness, we can help our members and the industry better understand the risk. I am pleased to welcome our new Cybersecurity Director, Michael Tanji, who will play a key role in strengthening our defenses and helping us stay one step ahead of emerging threats.” 

Michael Tanji has more than 25 years of experience in cybersecurity and intelligence. Prior to joining MxD, Tanji held Chief Information Security Officer roles at several NGOs. He began his career in Army Intelligence and later served as an intelligence officer and division chief at the Defense Intelligence Agency focusing on information warfare and computer network operations. 

In addition to appointing a new Cyber Director, MxD has also appointed four new members to the Cyber Steering Committee. New members include Fabio Agosto, Cyberspace and IT Lead at Air Force Advanced Manufacturing Program Office; Brian Brammeier, CEO at Opscura; Douglas Clifton, Managing Director at Ernst & Young LLP (EY); and Savann Thorn, IT Specialist (Security) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). 

Fabio Agosto has dedicated a decade to cyber, IT, and leadership. Currently, Fabio works at the Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office (AFRSO) with a vision to enhance the cyber-physical security of advanced manufacturing through best practices and risk management activities. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Mathematics, he served as a communications sergeant in the U.S. Army 174 Air Defense Artillery Brigade, and roles such as ISSM and security engineer equipped him with a deep understanding of defense-related cybersecurity. He focuses on securing advanced manufacturing systems across various environments within the enterprise, including networked, standalone, and cloud platforms. 

Brian Brammeier is a seasoned technology executive with more than 25 years of experience in business operations, cybersecurity, and strategic leadership. Brian actively participates in various technology, fintech, and biotechnology ventures. Additionally, he lends his expertise to multiple companies in advisory capacities, serving as a board member or consultant. His strategic guidance has proven invaluable in shaping company strategies and fortifying cybersecurity postures. Currently, Brian holds the position of CEO at Opscura, a leading organization that recently secured a series A funding round to expand their Operational Technology (OT) platform, aimed at safeguarding critical infrastructure. 

Douglas Clifton is a Managing Director at EY’s national cybersecurity group. Doug leads the cybersecurity initiatives for the industrial/operational technology and internet of things segments for EY Americas and chairs the global OT committee for EY. He has spent more than 34 years in technology delivery and leadership roles, with the last 22 years focused on building and managing cybersecurity services businesses for industrial control and SCADA systems. Prior to joining the firm in 2016, Doug was Global Director, managing the global cybersecurity consulting practice at Schneider Electric/Invensys. Before his role at Invensys, Doug developed and managed the cybersecurity services portfolio at Nortel Networks. 

Savann Thorn is a seasoned professional with more than two decades in the advanced technologies and manufacturing businesses for large corporations and government entities. Currently, Savann leads efforts to deliver emerging technology and risk management services to small and medium-sized manufacturers through the National Network of 51 MEP centers. He began his career as a Network Analyst in the pre-Y2K days for a large retailer. 

Cyber Steering Committee members also include Neil Brink, Cybersecurity Specialist at Rolls Royce; Brian Haugli, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at SideChannel; Martina Johnson, Research and Development Manufacturing Technology Integrator at Defense Logistics Agency; John Livingston, CEO at Verve Industrial Protection; Tom McGoogan, Cybersecurity Specialist at Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA); Zachary Mottl, Chief Alignment Officer (CAO) at Atlas Tool Works; Sandra K. Parker, Global Improvement Director at Dow, Inc.; and Paul Washington, Cyber Engineering Fellow at Raytheon.

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MxD (Manufacturing x Digital) advances economic prosperity and national security by strengthening U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through technology innovation, workforce development, and cybersecurity preparedness. In partnership with the Department of Defense, we convene an ecosystem to solve critical manufacturing challenges by accelerating digital adoption, empowering a skilled workforce, and modernizing supply chains. MxD is also the National Center for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing as designated by DoD. Visit to learn more.

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Mackie Hill, Marketing and Communications Manager, MxD