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News | Jan. 4, 2023

Recognizing Excellence at DMC: Service Recognition Award

By OSD Manufacturing Technology Program

Recognizing Excellence at DMC: Service Recognition Award
The Service Recognition Award, given by the Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel (JDMTP), recognizes senior leaders whose contributions have greatly impacted their individual Service/Agency ManTech program as well as specific Subpanel and Technical Working Groups. The care, devotion, and diligence to their organizations as well as the ManTech mission make them truly deserving of this award.
The following awardees were presented their Service Recognition Award at DMC 2022. Please join us in recognizing their achievements.
  • Dr. Charles Ward: Air Force ManTech Principal 2017-2022
  • Dr. Senthil Arul: AME Subpanel Chair 2019-2022
  • Mr. Robert Wittman Jr.: Metals Subpanel Chair 2020-2022
  • Mr. Bryan Mitsdarffer: Electronics Subpanel Chair 2020-2022
  • Mr. Phillip Samuels: Energetics & Warheads TWG Chair 2018-2022
  • Ms. Jenny Niles: Directed Energy WG Co-Chair 2019-2022
These exceptional awardees now join a long list of Service Recognition Award recipients. The JDMTP encourages all of those supporting the ManTech program to continue pushing for excellence, to be unrelenting in your pursuit of innovation, and be unwavering in your devotion to the overall ManTech mission.