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News | Jan. 6, 2022

Powering the Clean Economy

By Manufacturing USA

The DoD MIIs and other institutes in the Manufacturing USA network are responding to the need for increased energy efficiency and reductions in carbon emissions by fostering projects that will lead to major reductions in manufacturing energy use and costs, and provide the basis for innovative new green products. 

Given that future energy consumption is likely to increase, cost-effective power conversion in industrial applications will prove vital to save energy and lower expenses for industry, reduce emissions, industrial waste, materials and water usage, and improve  the life cycle energy efficiency of manufactured goods.  

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ABOUT MANUFACTURING USA:  The Office of the Secretary of Defense Manufacturing Technology (OSD ManTech) Office and its Department of Defense Manufacturing Innovation Institutes (DoD MIIs) participate in Manufacturing USA – a national interagency and manufacturing institute network.  The Manufacturing USA network is composed of the U.S. Departments of Defense (DoD), Energy (DOE), and Commerce (DOC) and their sponsored MIIs.  Manufacturing USA is the brand used to describe a collective network of government agencies, their sponsored MIIs, and other Federal partners united to drive advancement in manufacturing technology and workforce skills.  Each agency participating in Manufacturing USA executes its own unique mission and critical objectives to improve American manufacturing.