About the Office of the Secretary of Defense Manufacturing Technology Program

The Office of the Secretary of Defense Manufacturing Technology (OSD ManTech) Program seeks to further the national security of the United States by furthering advanced manufacturing technologies and processes through joint, interagency, and public-private collaborations. 

The OSD ManTech Program is responsible for:
Located within the Strategic Technology Protection and Exploitation Office under the Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, the OSD ManTech Program focuses heavily on satisfying the manufacturing technology needs for the DoD’s modernization priorities including artificial intelligence and machine learning, biotechnology, autonomy, cyber, directed energy, microelectronics, quantum science, hypersonics, space, 5G, and fully networked command, control, and communications (FNC3).
Explanations and the latest updates on each of these responsibilities are available throughout this site. 

DoD ManTech Organizational Chart

DoD ManTech Organizational Chart

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