Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) ManTech

MISSION: Develop and deliver new capabilities through applied technologies and innovative solutions to enhance warfighter sustainment

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VISION: Premier Innovators for Global Warfighter Mission Readiness

DLA Research and Development (R&D) improves warfighter support by addressing military needs, internal business processes, and industrial base manufacturing problems. DLA identifies and matures advanced technology demonstrations and evaluations of system prototypes in a simulated environment.

  DLA Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) supports technical innovation in the DLA industrial base to improve the operational performance of key supply chains.

DLA R&D Priorities

DLA’s R&D anticipates improvement opportunities presented by new technologies and reduces technical and business risk of adopting emerging technology by validating the processes and benefits in a simulated environment.  DLA focuses on improvements with measurable benefits and return on investment.  DLA R&D leads, organizes, and manages projects supporting the DLA Enterprise and the Military Services.  Our R&D efforts are now aligned to five Lines of Effort (LOEs) driving the Agency to a more strategic perspective.
  1. Industrial Base & Aging Weapon System Support
  2. 3D Technical Data Modernization / Model Based Enterprise
  3. Predictive Analytics / Modeling and Simulation
  4. Logistics Operations Innovation
  5. Smart-Warehouse Modernization

DLA R&D Structure


DLA R&D efforts are accomplished through three Program Elements (PE):

  1. Manufacturing Technology (ManTech): Supports innovation in the industrial base to improve the operational performance of key supply chains
  2. Logistics Research and Development Technology (Log R&D): Pioneers advanced logistics concepts and business processes that use commercial best practices; develops and demonstrates high payoff technologies that provide a high level of support at lower costs
  3. Small Business Innovation Program (SBIP): Through competitive awards-based programs, SBIP funds small business to develop state-of-the-art, innovative solutions to mission-critical DLA supply chain requirements.  SBIP includes: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR), and Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF)

Proposal Process

There are four mechanisms that provide opportunities for academia and industry. The following are contracting mediums and access to DLA opportunities:

  1. Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for "communities of practice." BAAs for "communities of practice" (COP) awards are related to a specific DLA-managed commodity or strategic focus area.  COP BAAs are multi-award, multi-year, delivery order contracts with a limited scope.  Typically, COP awards have a period of performance of one year with four 1-year options.  The base awards are for a nominal amount to participate in COP planning activities.  Separate projects are awarded to the members of the COP to achieve technical objectives. 
  2. BAA for Emerging Technologies. The BAA for Emerging Technologies is a continuously open, broad scope BAA.  The BAA specifies the process for awards and the area(s) of interest; awards are typically single project contracts.  DLA R&D contracting is primarily managed through the DLA Contracting Services Office in Philadelphia, PA.
  3. DLA also develops manufacturing technologies through Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) topics that support strategic priorities. These topics can be found in the DoD SBIR/STTR solicitations.
  4. DLA’s Technology Accelerator Other Transaction Agreements partner with nontraditional and traditional defense contractors and non-profit research institutions to carry out prototype projects.


$66.63M (FY21)

Investment Portfolio Areas

  • Advanced Microcircuit Emulation
  • Battery Network
  • Castings/Forgings
  • Military Unique Sustainment Technology
  • Subsistence Network
  • Defense Logistics Information Research
  • Additive Manufacturing

DLA Logistics R&D Budget (FY21): $9.88M

DLA Logistics R&D Investment Portfolio Areas:

  • Weapon Systems Sustainment
  • Strategic Distribution & Disposition
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Energy Readiness Program